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My Curriculum Vitae

"It is fatal to enter into any war without the will to win it."

General Douglas MacArthur
Republican National Convention (1952)

Why This Site?

I know that I can make a difference in your practice's financial health and business performance. Practice management and managed care are my business passions.

For 38 years I've been totally immersed in this business-of-medicine. Early in my professional career I tracked utilization and costs for one of the nation's first at-risk contracts, wrote the first quality assurance program for IPA-based HMO vision care services, and negotiated multiple state-wide clinical laboratory contracts for what at the time was the nation's second largest HMO.

Later in my career I developed and implemented practice management educational programs, products, and services for one of the nation's largest physician membership organizations.

Working in organizations from eight employees to many thousands I've "walked the walk" and "talked the talk" with a dedication to doing it right and bringing a profit to the bottom line. Now my focus as a consultant is helping client practices establish and maintain a firm financial footing in all their business dealings.

This site is my way to share some "hard-knocks" experience and wisdom collected over those years working with so many payors, providers, and patients.

If you're on this site then you've identified or at least considered that you have some issues and need experienced help. That recognition in and of itself is an important first step. But now you need to take the next step and hire the right consultant to effect the right solution.

You simply cannot afford to spin your wheels with someone who is long on theory but short on practical, bottom-line-oriented results.

Hype or Help?

Let's talk about your needs and how I can help. There is no cost to you for an initial phone discussion.

In the content on this site I've tried to avoid the typical consultant hyperbole that says in so many words, "We're uniquely qualified to transform your practice from a pumpkin into Cinderella's magic carriage." Not here.

If your requirements are outside my areas of expertise I'll tell you, and I'll refer you to someone else who can help.

So please invest some time navigating throughout my site, and try to return often. I update the site periodically, and if you sign up for e-mail bulletins I'll let you know by e-mail when I've added new and exciting information. You can also subscribe to my blog and receive notifications through an RSS reader when I've posted a new entry.

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