"Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy."

Dale Carnegie


Services (What I Can Do For You)

These days the "practice of medicine" and the "business of medicine" run full-force into each other on a daily basis. They're inextricably linked.

In this volatile, bottom-line-driven health care environment it's no longer good enough for doctors to be great practitioners. A reception area full of patients may seem to indicate a thriving, successful practice. But if each of those patients is not brining a reasonable profit to your bottom-line then maybe you've won the battle (gaining access to patients) but ultimately you've lost the war (providing care at unsustainable reimbursement rates).

This is today's reality for physicians and administrators: You're running a business, and you're certainly not in that business to provide care for free or at a loss. If you're on this website then you're looking for realistic answers and practical business solutions that will allow you to do the work you enjoy and, at the same time, have a better quality of life and build equity in the practice.

You've come to the right place.

You can be confident selecting me as your practice management and/or managed care consultant. This site and my focus are all about helping you to implement effective business solutions to sometimes-complicated operational issues.

Here is a list of the business services and solutions I provide:
  • Managed care contract review and analysis
    I will explain in a clearly written report what a contract (Provider Agreement) really says and means to your practice from a business perspective. I will provide suggested ways to make the contract more physician-friendly. I will also suggest alternate, sample language that can be used as a starting point for discussions and negotiations. With this information in hand you will be able to make an informed decision if a contract make sense for your practice.
  • Third-party contract negotiation strategies
    I will teach you how to negotiate with payers. You'll learn from my years of experience on the "inside" working on contracts for a national HMO. I'll explain which terms can and should be negotiated, which cannot, which terms can be given-up if necessary, and which are the deal-breakers (and why).
  • Third-party negotiating
    I will work with you to "craft the deal," and support your negotiations with payors. Or, if you prefer, I will negotiate directly with payors and represent your practice or ambulatory surgical center.
  • Fee schedule analysis
    I will work with you to assure that your fee schedule(s) is in order so that you receive the maximum allowable reimbursements from all third-party payors and leave no money on the table.
  • Capitation rates development and analysis; Risk analysis
    If you are considering a capitation or other at-risk contract I will help you understand both the administrative dynamics of accepting risk and its potential impact on financial performance. You will understand the bottom-line results of per-member-per-month payments as well as the dynamics of utilization and population demographics. I will help you through the entire process so that if you do choose to negotiate capitation or other at-risk arrangements it will be with an understanding of the numbers rather than from a feeling of fear and hopelessness.
Professional Fees

Projects typically start with a Letter of Understanding wherein I describe the services I am to provide to the client. The Letter of Understanding will also specify the professional fees and reimbursement of expenses, if any.

Fees depend on a project's complexity and length. Shorter engagements typically are billed on an hourly basis. Some longer projects are invoiced at a monthly rate or on a project (flat fee) basis. Still longer projects or those needing regular review can be done on a retainer.

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