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Janet Cox, Director of Coding and Billing
Vance Thompson Vision

"Our office was referred to Gil Weber when we needed to establish new insurance contracts. We had the opportunity to work with Gil regarding our clinic and ASC insurance contracts. Gil provided us with valuable feedback. His knowledge of contracts and dedication was greatly appreciated. Our practice would recommend Gil Weber to anyone looking for help negotiating contracts."



Carol Pagard, Business Office Mgr.
Newport Bay Surgery Center

"This letter is being sent as a reference for the consulting services Gil Weber provided for our new ambulatory surgery center.

As a new ambulatory surgery center, specializing in ophthalmology surgery, in Southern California we needed to secure fair and reasonable contracts with insurance company payers. At times, it was tempting to stay "out-of-network" as our center would at times, receive a higher reimbursement from an insurance company for our services, but for the patient's benefits it was better for us to become an "in-network" provider whenever possible. Gil was excellent at directing me in that process, advising to set criteria for what our center needed in a contract and what could possibly be a deal breaker. We had him review our first two proposed contracts. He went through them with a fine tooth comb and pointed out all the areas that were not clear, needed to be revised, may present a problem or should be reviewed from a legal professional. He did not overstep his expertise.

After I was able to successfully negotiate and secure fair and reasonable contracts with these first two payers, Gil made himself available to further advise me in effectively negotiating additional contracts. I am grateful for the direction and knowledge I gained from Gil's consultation service. I do not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking advice for negotiating insurance contracts."


Francis W. Price, Jr. M.D.
Central Indiana Surgery Center

"We used Gil Weber in our negotiations between a major insurance carrier and our ASC. In this particular case, our carrier was less than anxious to even talk to us, and finding someone to help with the process was difficult.

Gil successfully managed all phases of the challenging negotiations by thinking outside the "traditional box" to address several problematic reimbursement protocols mandated by the carrier. He promptly responded to our inquiries and those of the carrier, kept us informed at all times, and moved the process forward despite frustrating delays when the carrier changed negotiators three times. He secured a three-year contract with attractive financial terms. Gil definitely helped us out."


Kim Russell, ASC Manager
Sacramento Eye SurgiCenter

"We would like to take the time to offer a tremendous thank you to Gil in assisting us in securing a contract with one of the larger insurers in our area. On our own we tried for about 14 months to get the contract in place but were stymied by every possible roadblock the insurer threw at us. Gil was instrumental in offering multiple suggestions to maneuver around these roadblocks. His demonstrated professionalism and knowledge in the areas of contract negotiations and contract review are exceptional. We do not hesitate in recommending his services to others. Through his expertise and valuable insights we were able to successfully negotiate a contract that has resulted in increased cases and revenue stream.

Please feel free to contact our facility for further information."


David D. Richardson, M.D.
San Gabriel Valley Eye Associates

"I would like to take this opportunity to give my highest recommendation to Gil Weber. If you are reading this letter, you can breathe a sigh of relief that you have found a knowledgeable, practical, fair, honest consultant to actively guide you through your medical practice insurance woes.

I first knew of Gil through my reading of the American Academy of Ophthalmology "Managed Care Monograph Series" which he authored. This comprehensive series was so well written that I knew I had to get in contact with the author to assist me with a managed care contract that was overdue for renewal. I was not to be disappointed.

Through Gil's guidance I was able to objectively evaluate what was considered in our area to be the best managed care contract available. With Gil's objective assessment of the financial realities of the patient population we were even able to negotiate a 50% increase in the capitated rate. However, Gil's greatest contribution was his ability to make me see the wisdom of walking away from the table because even with such a large rate increase the opportunity costs of accepting this contract were too great.

I have never regretted turning down this local best-of-breed contract. Indeed, since that time I have used the lessons learned from Gil to evaluate many of my PPO contracts. With financial objectivity, I have since decided to go out-of-network for almost all PPOs. I now see many patients out-of-network resulting in collecting my full fee without any contractual obligations. I would not have been comfortable making these decisions prior to my interaction with Gil.

It is my hope that your practice will enjoy similar benefits if you choose to work with Gil. Regardless of what insurance contract decisions you make, you will be confident of your decision making process if Gil is working with you."


Carol Mentink
Practice Administrator
Larson Eyecare

"Our office had the opportunity to work with Gil Weber earlier this year as we negotiated a contract with a fairly large insurance company.

Gil's knowledge and expertise was invaluable as we worked together through the contract, successfully negotiating changes that were to our benefit along the way. The end result was a contract I am certain many other medical practices would be envious of and one that more than met our expectations.

I appreciated Gil's perspective and his detailed approach. I have and will continue to highly recommend Gil to others."


Kim Freeman
Mauer Eye Center, P.C.

"We are a very large ophthalmology practice in Waterloo, Iowa. Mr. Weber has helped us on many occasions. We have him review many insurance and managed care contracts. He has also advised us on some difficulties we have experienced with insurance companies. The results were very favorable.

Mr. Weber is very insightful and sees the big picture very quickly. He is detail driven and does not miss a thing in his review of materials and situations. His advice is sound and with integrity.

Both Dr. Mauer and I would recommend Mr. Weber without hesitation. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us."


Liz Parrott
Practice Manager
Raleigh Ophthalmology

"When trying to evaluate managed care contracts, there is no one better than Gil Weber to help you along the way. We have utilized his expertise on two contracts and both times we were given a great deal of insightful information which made us feel confident in our negotiations. The report Gil provides is logical and easy to understand so that even my doctors felt they understood the important points in each contract. We had tried other consultants in the past for contract review, but Gil's knowledge of managed care contracting and Ophthalmology has been far superior. Also different from the other consultants is the fact that Gil's fees are very fair. Gil makes the whole process of dealing with managed care contracts less agonizing."


TC McCarty
Practice Manager
Sheboygan Urology Specialists

"I would like to thank you so very much for all the professional advice and information you shared with Sheboygan Urology Specialists.

All your invaluable guidance on contracting with United Health Care certainly helped SUS negotiate a fair and workable contract.

I look forward to working with you again in the future. Thanks again for all your help."


Janet Krstevski
Compliance Coordinator
Munster Eyecare Associates, P.C.

"We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your contract negotiation services. Your analysis of our contracting pitfalls was very helpful and informative to our ophthalmic practice. We are very impressed with your knowledge and it was a pleasure working with you on this project. We will definitely refer back to you for future contracting issues and recommend your services to others in the healthcare industry."


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