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Featured Article:

new.gif "Managing Your A/R For Greater Profitability"

Keeping a tight rein on aging accounts receivable is one of the most important functions for any practice’s business office. As everyone knows, the longer such debt remains uncollected, the more likely it becomes that some or all of that money will never be seen.

Featured Article:

new.gif "Making Your Case With Managed Care"

I’m regularly contacted by ophthalmology practices and ambulatory surgical centers and asked, ”Can you help us get better reimbursements,” or, “Can you help us get such-and-such a service added to our reimbursements?


In Their Own Words:

"His knowledge of contracts and dedication was greatly appreciated."
Janet Cox
Director of Coding and Billing

"I am grateful for the direction and knowledge I gained from Gil's consultation service."
Carol Pagard
Business Office Manager

"He secured a three-year contract with attractive financial terms."
Francis W. Price, Jr. M.D.

"His professionalism and knowledge are exceptional."
Kim Russell
ASC Manager

"...invaluable guidance on contracting with United Health Care... "
TC McCarty
Practice Administrator

"You won't find a better partner... "
David D. Richardson, MD

"I would recommend Gil without reservation."
Liz Parrott
Practice Administrator

"...could not have made it through the move without him."
Sharon Goodson
Practice Administrator


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Practice Management and Managed Care Consulting Services For Healthcare Professionals, Administrators, and Industry

Solutions to Your Business Problems and Management Concerns

Gil's Three Rules of Managed Care Contracting:

  1. Having no contract is better than having a bad contract.
  2. Bad contracts rarely get better with time.
  3. Payors who won't negotiate in good faith deal out bad contracts more often than not.

Since 1997 I have focused my consulting practice on the sometimes complicated and always challenging business-of-medicine issues that affect doctors, administrators, and industry. My clients choose me as their consultant because I bring them practical solutions to the often-complex problems of running a modern-day medical practice. (See Testimonials) They know that to succeed in today's health care delivery environment it's no longer enough to be a great practitioner. In this volatile environment there's no escaping a sometimes-awkward reality: Medicine is a business.

You're looking for answers and a thoughtful, logical process to effect meaningful change and growth in your practice. In doing so you want to avoid adding stress to an already stressful office environment.

I understand, and I have solutions.

Please take some time to explore throughout the site. You won't be disappointed. To learn more about the solutions I can provide for your practice, please review my "Services" page.

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